The tenant fee ban

The tenant fee ban is coming and will be upon us before we know it. It would be wise to understand the implications for landlords and tenants and once they are more clear we will publish them here

Essentially however the UK Government is seeking to make most charges to tenants illegal from a point in time yet to be disclosed when it will become illegal for an agent, or landlord, to charge tenants any fees apart from those related to a default in the tenancy ie failing to pay rent on time etc. It is hoped that this will provide a fairer level playing field and more transparency across the sector

For some years now we have seen uncontrolled increases in the fees levied to tenants while unscrupulous agents use this mechanism to 'appear' cheaper to landlords. It seems therefore that the only way of correcting this insidious trend is to ban those fees entirely making landlords pay for the costs incurred by their chosen agents

This all seems fair enough and at Rogers & Partners we will maintain our full compliance with the laws governing our business whilst seeking to minimise the overall effect on our valued clients. Together we will continue to provide good quality homes to good quality tenants whilst endeavouring to keep rent levels fair in the face of new legislation