Buying To Let

Help To Get You On Your BUY TO LET Journey

When deciding to Buy To Let, it's important to know what it is that YOU need to get from it. For some it's about high yield (the percentage return on your investment), while for others it's about getting a steady long term return and a safe home for their money. The way each person approaches it therefore should be very different.

As a general rule, the higher the yield, the higher the risk and the higher the involvement. For instance, large houses split into individual rooms will usually provide, on paper at least, a higher ROI or yield. However, they will also cost more in time and/or management costs in order to manage that yield. Typically an agent managing an HMO will want around 20% of the rent for their involvement whereas an agent acting for you on a single dwelling will charge closer to half that.

Next comes the type of property. Older houses will cost more to maintain so whilst that doesn't necessarily discount them, ever tightening regulations over energy efficiency and general safety would guide us to recommend newer properties rather than older ones where they exist within the desired location. Bear in mind that we can provide ongoing assistance and advice on your purchase and will always help you choose the right property for you. Many years of experience means that we can look over a property and tell you what expenses you might expect in the next 5-10 years as well as what price you should pay and what rent it will achieve. Priceless and FREE advice with no obligation to proceed with us as your agent if you don't want to

And finally.......Location, Location, Location!

Naturally, where you buy your property is going to dictate your market and the rent that you achieve to some extent. Houses in University towns will appeal to students if purchased within the 'student' areas and furnished city apartments are more likely to appeal to the professionals and even company lets. Location is another key factor that will impact on your success and another area where can work with you to make sure that you buy in the right area for you.

We hope that you have found this useful. Remember that buying your BTL property is not just about finding it, it is part of a long journey which also includes a lot of legality and compliance. Being a landlord can only be done successfully if you are experienced and knowledgeable so be careful and if in doubt, choose a good agent to work as your property partner. Choose Rogers & Partners!