Do I Need A Letting Agent?

The question is..........can you navigate the increasingly complex Private Rented Sector without one?

In the years since we started helping landlords in 1996 the PRS has changed almost beyond recognition as it continues to do year on year. Only by having a partnership with a professional inside the industry can you really ensure that you are kept up to date with legislation, best practice and, crucially, remaining competitive and getting the most from your property

It's very easy to think that you know better and that because you have done something for a number of years, you are as skilled as those who do it for thousands of people day in and day out. Such overconfidence can lead to unexpected events that you think you have accounted for!

Here are a few testers;

These are a small number of questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding whether you need to partner with a professionally recognised letting specialist to make sure you are not only protected but also getting the best out of your investment

It goes without saying that we feel our part in the relationship between landlord and tenant is more important then ever before and the facts speak for themselves. There are more landlords getting in trouble with their tenants now than there ever have been and more of them are acting alone and without protection. The court process is a minefield and there are companies making money out of the misery that the process causes